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Industry Expertise

1Running our business requires expertise in three areas: technical (IT), commercial (e-commerce and intellectual property), and dispute resolution. Lucky for everyone working with us, we've got professionally recognized talent in each area...and by the boatload.

Verifying Rights

2 Our systems process and manage online e-commerce and social media disputes including DMCA takedown requests, replies, and TOS violations.

Certified Content

3Imagine.. a useful byproduct! Through processing digital documentation of intellectual property and other rights enforcement online, we obtain content creation details and author data. As a result we also certify ownership and creation of digital master copies, authorized uploads as well as copy transfers.

Digital Documentation

4 If you subscribe, our systems will gather, store and alert you to evidence of online infringement of your virtual works and content.

Clients -partners



Travabled.com is an online travel advisor, community, and go to booking resource for differently abled travelers, families and their companions./p>



Cuddli app

Creating joy since 2014. http://www.cuddli.com



VIPO Inc..

Virtual Intellectual Property Organization, Inc, US EU, http://vipo-online.org


Solutions - handling - security



We take pride in creating unique solutions to common online intellectual property related enforcement issues.


Dispute Handling

With our tools its simple to manage user abuse reports and other online enforcement information.


Data Security

Our tools are developed in compliance with international standards such as ISO 25000 or System and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) and in keeping with data security and privacy regulations.